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Thank you for your quick response, inspection and advise!

Thank you for your quick response, inspection and advise! We will definitely recommend your services to others.

Debbie M. Coupeville , WA August 29, 2016

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The staff is very knowledgable and professional and the …

We recently bought a house and wanted an inspection done. They were out here promptly and sprayed around the house. The house was not occupied for a while so we had a lot of rodent activity under the house and a lot of spiders. Since the initial inspection we have not seen much activity. They have been out here about once a week checking up on the rodent problem since the initial visit and every time I am given an update on the house and what activity has been seen. It's also nice that they knock down any spider webs when they inspect. The staff is very knowledgable and professional and the price is the same as other places I've called. I would highly recommend Surety.

David M. Oak Harbor , WA September 26, 2016

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I will absolutely be calling them back for any future needs.

Awesome customer service!!

I had a rat that I thought died in a crawlspace heating vent. I called another local pest control company; they declined to even take a look and recommended my heating company clean it, who then said a pest control company should do it. My very next call was to Surety and they made arrangements to come out later that same day. They were able to locate the dead rat and remove it quickly and didn't change me a dime.

They performed a comprehensive site study of the property and made recommendations to help stop this from happening again. No big sales pitch for a monthly plan, but they did offer it, which I expected; and was interested in. I really appreciate the no sales pressure of their services.

I will absolutely be calling them back for any future needs.

Pricing FYI:
I was quoted ~$180 for each treatment of spraying for spiders. Or $40/month and they come out every so often to spray. They also offer a "green" alternative to insecticide that's apparently a mint/thyme based solution if you're concerned about the environment, which I appreciate.

Tim P. Freeland , WA November 9, 2016

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Very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable staff, call …

A wonderful company who are there when you need their services for those pesky little critters. full service for whatever your needs. Very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable staff, call them first.

Cindy Oak Harbor , WA January 5, 2017

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I am continually impressed with Surety’s service.

Surety is generally very friendly, helpful, knowledgable and responsive. They handle almost everything that needs to be done in the monthly fee (no contract). They have come out for 'emergency' situations - rats and specific insects issues that have arisen - and its all included. They also sent someone out to build locking covers for all our crawl space access to better reduce rodent access (again, included in the cost). I have used exterminators in other cities in the past, and I am continually impressed with Surety's service. We have hired them for regular maintenance service for our previous rental and now for our home we purchased a couple years ago - so for about 5 years. For one fee they come monthly and use "green" methods (which smells like root beer after they leave). On occasion we have asked them to use the toxic stuff when we had tent caterpillars storming the western front.

Phillip G. Freeland , WA February 15, 2017

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Surety Pest Control is an awesome company, and the people that work for them are very friendly and professional. Specifically, Henry who sprays my house quarterly does an outstanding job making sure there are no pests..i.e. spiders.....lurking around outside my house. Surety as a company is definitely customer oriented. I had the outside of my house sprayed on it\'s quarterly schedule then two days later I had my house washed...well of course I am thinking..what an idiot I was to have scheduled the washing so close to the time it was to be sprayed. But I called Surety Pest Control and explained what I had done, and they did not hesitate to send Henry back out to spray again.That is true customer support. Also this past year when I had some work done in the crawl space, I kept getting comments from the workmen as to how many spiders they came across when they pulled the vapor barrier back. I called Surety and they had Henry back out here the next day to spray under the house for me. All of these resprays did not cost me anything more than my normal quarterly charge. A truly awesome company, with outstanding employees including those in the office that I spoke with on occasion.

Karen McClimon Ledgewood Beach Drive August 1, 2018

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