• The German Cockroach

    The German cockroach is the most commonly encountered cockroach in the Pacific Northwest. They are active year-round and will often infest apartments, restaurants, hospitals, and other buildings where food is stored or prepared. German cockroaches multiply more quickly than any other cockroach in the state Read More
  • The House Mouse

    The house mouse is one of the most common and problematic rodents in the nation. They can survive anywhere food and warm shelter can be found, often infesting homes, farms, and commercial properties. House mice are small with dusky gray fur, protruding black eyes, large Read More
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  • Insects

    Insect control is not a one-size-fits-all process, meaning what works for one species won't necessarily
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  • Rodents

    Rats and mice can transmit numerous diseases including salmonellosis, plague, and rat-bite fever. They can
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  • Exclusion

    Exclusion involves sealing all possible entry points that rats, mice, bats, and birds may use
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  • Gutter Cleaning

    Keeping your gutters well maintained and debris-free is an essential part of protecting your home
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